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Coffee is for closers

Some may wonder if you can be trusted if you don't like coffee. Some would argue the same for wine. Now I didn't always like wine, but I've always liked coffee. As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a wonderful, cute, artsy fartsy local coffee shop with really good coffee. Cold brew. YUM. I think a lot of coffee lovers also love their wine. Why isn't there a java infused wine? If there is, I haven't discovered it yet. I have had a few pretty tasty chocolate port wines. Very rich and strong. Would you try a coffee bean infused wine? Hmmm.... what are some of your other favorite things you'd like to see combined?

I discovered a white chocolate beer that I enjoyed too, even though I am not much of a beer fan. Some fruity beers are pretty good.

What about a coffee mug that serves as a wine glass as well? There's plenty of options I am sure. For now, I'll stick with my morning and afternoon coffee, and wine for happy hour or with dinner.

*Image by David Dewitt

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