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Wine Glass Painting Tips

So one of the most common questions I get is how do I wash my glass? Is it dishwasher safe? Will the paint come off?

Well, It's an acrylic enamel that we use. So it is recommended to bake your glass after you are all done painting it, to cure the paint. Now, this even says on the paint bottle that it will be top rack dishwasher safe, however I always tell everyone I still recommend hand washing.

The paint drys fairly quickly, and it is somewhat opaque. For certain designs, you'll have to do a couple coats. I recommend long, smooth strokes with the paint brush, as it tends to clump up if you do short, wispy strokes with the brush. It will come off fairly easily with a Q-tip and water if the paint is still wet, in cases for boo-boos.

You don't need a wet brush to get started, but you do want to rinse your brush as soon as you are done, because it will dry quickly on the brush, and it is then very difficult to get off.

Just a few tidbits on painting like a pro!

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