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Hints of oak and tannins?

Here goes my first blog. My first thought was to title it, I don't know shit about wine, well, because I don't. I did my first wine tasting and winery tour a couple of months ago and learned a little bit, so maybe I do know something.

I know I like it! I feel as though my tastes have matured, as I started out drinking moscatos, pink moscatos, and just about any other sweet wine. I have a sweet tooth so that's what I gravitated towards. Then I ventured into riesling, and some red blends. I still stuck to whites, as any time I tried reds they gave me a headache.

Now I actually enjoy a Pinot Noir, Syrah, or some red blends. I don't care for the dry whites so I still stick to a riesling or white zin. I don't get headaches from reds anymore so that's a plus. I love my meats, cheese, and nut boards with wine. And you gotta have the chocolate!

Once I learn a bit more behind the science and history of wine, maybe I'll venture to learn food pairings. I see a lot of classes at local wineries, including the one I do classes at, LDV Winery in Scottsdale.

For now I'll continue to enjoy the ones I like, and paint wine glasses, because, drinking wine is even more fun out of a pretty glass. ; )

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