So What is a Paint and Create Party?

-It's simple! Like a canvas painting event, which are very popular... but you paint your own wine glass, mason jar, or pint glass instead!

-No need to wonder where you'll hang it... because you can drink out of it, display it, or gift it! 

-We teach a few different techniques and designs, and depending on the season, seasonal and holiday designs. 

-You have guidance, but also freedom to choose your design, not everyone is doing the exact same thing. 

-Don't worry, if you are nervous about being creative, that's what we specialize in. Helping bring your own creativity out! Be unique! 

Check out these party pictures! 

Flower Garden for a pretty, classic wine glass

Polka Dot Party Fun Glass!

Pumpkin Patch for a season themed wine glass!

Feeling Fruity? How about a watermelon, lemon, or cherry themed glass!

Calling all Sports Fans! Paint your favorite team logo or colors!

Under the Sea, a mermaid,

seahorse, and fish!

Fireworks! Balloons, Sunflowers, Baseball,

You name it, you can paint it! I'll teach you! 


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